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Welcome to the LexALP Term Bank

This term bank contains specialised terminology for the subject fields Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development.

The terminology is in German, French, Italian and Slovene (but not in English, even though we provide an English user interface).

We choose few concepts, but try to describe those concepts exhaustively for all Legal Systems of the Alps, therefore you will usually get a lot of information on one page if you do not restrict your search.

Notice the flags on the right side of each term (e.g. ac-logo for the Alpine Convention): they indicate the legal system to which the term belongs. Sometimes the same terms are used at Alpine Convention, EU, International and national level: in such cases the same search term may be displayed up to three or four times, only with different flags and slightly diverging descriptions. We remind you that, though belonging to International law, the Alpine Convention system is described separately to fully meet the needs and achieve the goals of the project.

Terms with the label ‘harmonised’ always come in a quartet. There are four terms, one for each language, which are equivalent within the Alpine Convention. The main goal of the LexALP Project is to identify a large number of useful quartets of translation equivalents.

The LexALP term bank serves both for the elaboration and display of terminology entries. Your advantage is real-time access to the relevant Alpine Convention terminology, but remember: this is work in progress!

If you cannot find a certain expression, try to look it up in the corpus, where you might get a translation in a parallel text.

You will notice that all terms are classified into domains. All terminology is classified according to a specific structure, inspired by art. 9 of the Alpine Convention Protocol 'Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development' (available in French, German, Italian and Slovene). In your advanced lookup interface you can specify a domain (and many more criteria like language, legal field, legal system, etc.) and restrict your search.

For a more ample description in our technical user-guide please click here

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